Now, the big dig out

Snow continues to fall over central New York after Tuesday’s all-day snow storm dumped 19 inches at Syracuse’s Hancock Airport and as much as 40 inches in parts of the Mohawk Valley. The storm also brought winds of 40 miles per hour and frigid temperatures that have affected snow removal efforts.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo traveled to the hardest-hit areas of Broome County, the Hudson Valley, and Oneida County. While in Rome, Cuomo said the state prepared for the worst of the storm to hit downstate but the storm’s path moved west.

Clearing sidewalks in Syracuse.

“It’s just the logistical nightmare of having equipment that we moved out to New York City and that we moved out to Long Island,” Cuomo said. “And then you have to bring the equipment and personnel back up.”

While snow removal efforts continue in central New York, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says the biggest obstacle facing the city now is trying to plow hundreds of side streets that have parked cars. Miner is asking residents to dig those cars out and get them off the roads.

Digging out in Syracuse

“We’re going to have to ticket and tow if that doesn’t happen. Because we don’t want entire neighborhoods held hostage to a couple of parked cars,” Miner said.

Despite travel advisories and efforts of snow removal, not everyone stayed home during the storm.

A small group of protestors held a demonstration at the federal building in downtown Syracuse to protest immigrant deportations. Mary Kuhn, a Syracuse resident, dealt with the snow and drove to the rally earlier today.

“A little slippery but slow, it’s quiet. Even the highway was empty. It’s Syracuse, it’s supposed to snow in the cold,” Kuhn said.


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