RHS demolition work continues

RAWLINS — Demolition work on the old Rawlins high school pool continued Wednesday as workers started cleaning up the debris left from Tuesday’s activities.

“The swimming pool demolition will be a major project,” interim Carbon County School District No. 1 Superintendent Darrin Jennings said. “You could see the walls (were coming down Tuesday) so that will be an area of focus the next few days.”

Following the cleanup around the pool, Jennings said demolition work is expected to move into the cafeteria and down the hall.

In addition to the demolition, Jennings said work has also continued to make progress in the areas being renovated.

“We have construction meetings all the time for the new high school and we’re moving forward with that process,” Jennings said. “We are really working on the renovation phase, which would be the auditorium, music classrooms, media center and science rooms.”

With all the work going on, Jennings said LM Olson, the contractor awarded the bid for constructing the new high school and tearing down the old one, has done a good job keeping students away from the work and does not see any concerns for safety as long as community members follow rules.

“The containment fence is the key,” Jennings said. “Just looking up there, the containment fence is far enough away from the project, so if people stay out of that area, it is a very safe site.”

Thanks in part to former business manager David Horner coming back on board on a contract approved at the district’s last board of trustees meeting, the project seems to be moving smoother and is expected to be finished prior to the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

“He is working on the construction side and business side because he has the knowledge,” Jennings said of Horner. “He is able to recall conversations that have happened which is very important when you are talking to multiple entities and who is going to pay for them.”

Jennings said he is hopeful that Horner will also be able to provide a spreadsheet with the different amounts available in each of the different construction categories during the remaining time Horner has in his 10-hour contract.

Source: http://www.rawlinstimes.com/news/rhs-demolition-work-continues/article_d1bb24da-1fd4-11e7-bf38-2f5d0a9accd9.html

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