Syracuse hospital testing patient for coronavirus

Coronavirus in New York: Data Center

Coronavirus cases hit 142 in NYS, up 35% in 1 day, Gov. Cuomo unveils state hand sanitizer

Newest Deepening Concern: CORONAVIRUS in Upstate New York
The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is a disturbing global development. Coronaviruses are a massive family of viruses.

Asbestos Kills Nearly 40,000 Americans a Year
Asbestos takes the lives of nearly 40,000 Americans per year, and thousands more face a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Use Dehumidifiers on Water Damage Restoration Projects
Residential dehumidifiers are a must especially if your home has been compromised during a flood.

How To Cool Down Without Blasting AC
As summer starts to sizzle and temperatures continue to rise, our homes can offer little refuge

Construction After 1978 Isn't Completely Safe from Lead Paint
Households and home buyers with structures built on or shortly after 1978 may also need to consider their properties at risk for lead.

Syracuse Hazardous Waste & Tax Delinquent Property
Three decades after it was declared a hazardous waste site, the former Winkelman building on the East Side of Syracuse still stands.

Minimize Risk From Lead Paint When Remodeling
Interior paint with lead poses the greatest risk, but don't forget about the exterior paint on your home.

Easy Steps to Create a Healthier Home

7 Signs You Might Have Toxic Mold
Seeing mold growing on an old piece of bread is creepy enough

Carbon monoxide concerns during winter months
The National Fire Protection Association says carbon monoxide poisoning kills more than 400 people a year.

CNY Community Foundation pledges $2M to fight childhood lead poisoning
The Central New York Community Foundation is investing more than $2 million over four years to help end childhood lead poisoning in Syracuse.

Holiday hazards: 5 ways to keep your family safe
The holidays bring many new items, people and activities into our homes which can include some hazards

Buying a home with an elevated radon level
Addressing the problem is easy

Heavy Rains and Hurricanes Clear a Path for Supercharged Mold
Anyone east of the Rockies will tell you this has been a wet year.

Syracuse's lead-poisoning crisis: For hundreds of poor kids, home is making them sick
At least 600 Syracuse children were poisoned by lead paint last year

United Way of CNY moving to former WTVH television studio
The United Way of Central New York is leaving its long-time home on James Street

10 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality is something that often goes unnoticed or not thought about until it’s time to change the air filter.

5 signs you need a dehumidifier
Overly damp, humid air in your home isn't just uncomfortable, it's unhealthy and, if left unaddressed, can cause damage to your home.

Attorney says Oregon Youth Authority knowingly exposed children, workers to asbestos
Jason Kafoury, an attorney for a former Oregon Youth Authority employee, told KATU the man was fired

EPA: Lead Paint Rule Won’t Be Changing
After completing a federally mandated two-year review of the economic impacts of the Lead

5 Signs the House You’re Buying Is a Money Pit
Many homes seem well-maintained but are hiding bigger problems

NYCHA tenants file lawsuit demanding new lead paint inspections
Citing alarming new evidence that Housing Authority managers are erroneously telling tenants their units have no lead paint

State awards Auburn Schine Theater project $1M
The effort to restore the Auburn Schine Theater has been given another boost by the state.

6 Things That Can Make Your Asthma Worse
Having asthma can be a colossal pain, given that breathing is a nonnegotiable part of, you know, staying alive.

These Companies Created a Lead Paint Crisis—and Refuse to Clean It Up
The state of Rhode Island—which had a disproportionate number of children with elevated blood lead levels

The number that has forecasters worried about Friday's Upstate NY snowstorm
There's one number that has forecasters worried about the winter storm expected to hit Upstate New York beginning tonight, and it's not just the snowfall total.

This Old House Is a Chore
How hard could it be to replace a 90-year-old toilet?

New Bill Aims to Keep Children’s Makeup Asbestos-Free
U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell introduced legislation this week that would mandate a warning label on cosmetics marketed to children unless stricter testing can show they are free of asbestos fibers.

Risk from radon murky, but easy and cheap to make it visible
Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally, seeping in minute quantities from certain rocks and geologic formations.

7 Important Inspections for Commercial Properties
The first time you invest in commercial real estate, you’re likely to fall in love.

Snoring Solutions Made Easy
Bottom line, getting a good night of restful sleep is one important thing you can do for your health

Siouxland District Health Department encourages homeowners to test for radon
Doctors suspected radon, which is odorless and tasteless, could have been lurking in Babette Lahrs' childhood home

7 Hidden Problems in Old Homes
Old homes have a special charm and character that's hard to find in modern homes.

Claire’s Refutes Reports of Asbestos-Containing Makeup
Claire’s on Thursday said lab results have certified its products are asbestos-free

This winter weather problem you don't expect is creating problems for some interior homeowners
The heavy snowfalls this winter combined with the moderating temperatures this week is adding up to serious headaches

How to protect your child from lead poisoning
If your home was built before 1978, talk with your local health department about getting your home tested for lead.

It’s Radon Awareness Month – What’s Your Number?

January is Radon Awareness Month, and authorities are hoping to raise awareness about the radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer.


Underground Heating Oil Tanks: A Homeowner's Guide

While most home heating oil tanks are not regulated by the State - typically they are not over 1,100 in capacity, some delegated counties have regulations that apply to smaller heating oil tanks.

Tips to Keep Winter Mold Out & How Homeowners Insurance Can Cover Damages
When mold spreads in your home, it can be both a health hazard and a financial strain.

Jen Williams: Wood-burning warnings should include radon
The Camera's Nov. 23 article "County cautions on fireplaces" details some of the dangers of using wood-burning stoves

Asbestos remains at Pillsbury site after $1.8 million cleanup
An undetermined amount of asbestos remains in hard-to-reach areas of the former Pillsbury Mills plant in Springfield

Cayuga County Health Department: Radon and carbon monoxide awareness
The days are growing shorter and the nights colder, and it is likely that we are shutting our windows to block out the chill in the air.

Baker blaming Chicago mold for his players being sick
Tuesday night has to be one of the most bizarre postseason pressers by Dusty Baker ever and that's saying a lot.

NSB clock tower discussed
The clock tower at the former Northside Blodgett School will likely be removed in pieces in the coming months and stored until a decision is made what exactly to do with the historic structure.

Evergreen Public Schools continuing radon work
Work is still underway to mitigate high radon levels at some Evergreen Public Schools campuses

Officials: Radon levels in schools don’t require mitigation
Officials are saying radon levels in North Providence classrooms are not alarming, citing past and current test data and Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

I-Team: Burst steam pipe is old, lined with asbestos
The steam pipe that exploded on Tuesday is old and is lined with a cancer-causing material, the 11 News I-Team has discovered.

Stevensville-area residents deal with flooding
A break in the rain eased the brunt of flooding in the Bitterroot.

Can Air-Conditioners Cause Sinus Congestion?
Q. Do air-conditioners cause sinus congestion?

2 buildings lost, home damaged in Herkimer Co. fire
Firefighters hosed down what was left of a detached garage and barn at 590 Paradise Road in Danube nearly seven hours after first responding Wednesday to the scene of the massive fire.

Pier 1 Imports recalls Temani Wicker Furniture due to lead paint
Pier 1 Imports has issued a recalls of bout 2,500 (in addition, about 75 units sold in Canada) pieces of Temani Wicker Furniture due to a violation of the federal lead paint standard.

Risk of radon in your home: Consumer Reports
So you’re in the market to buy a house, and you think you’ve found the one. Then you order an inspection and find out the radon levels in the house are high.

RHS demolition work continues
Demolition work on the old Rawlins high school pool continued Wednesday as workers started cleaning up the debris left from Tuesday’s activities.

Chuck's sues developer who plans to tear down landmark University Hill bar
The owner for Hungry Chuck's is asking a judge to put the brakes on demolition work planned by a developer who wants to replace the landmark bar with a high rise building.

See NY counties with highest levels of cancer-causing radon gas
Here are New York counties with the highest average radon levels in the state.

Childhood Exposure To Lead Can Blunt IQ For Decades, Study Suggests
A link between early childhood lead exposure and a dip in a person's later cognitive ability and socioeconomic status.

Before a home improvement project, asbestos testing may be required
When Northeast Portlander Andrea Damewood decided to remodel the bathroom in her home, she began to take all the necessary steps to ensure a successful home improvement project.

Now, the big dig out
Snow continues to fall over central New York after Tuesday’s all-day snow storm dumped 19 inches at Syracuse’s Hancock Airport and as much as 40 inches in parts of the Mohawk Valley.

Syracuse sees Rochester as role model to tackle lead paint problem
Syracuse is turning to Rochester as a role model in tackling a decades-old lead paint problem that leaves hundreds of city youngsters with lead poisoning each year.

5 Ways to Protect Your Family in 2017
Protecting your family and loved ones is one of your most important responsibilities.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Linked To Low Worker Productivity
As companies seek to improve their bottom line, many examine worker productivity as a means of cutting costs and boosting revenue.

Dump spilling toxic asbestos on to Bray beach
An exposed dump is spilling toxic asbestos on to a beach in Bray, Co Wicklow – and may contain more then twice the volume of waste as thought.

Ice jams, standing water lead to mold and water damage
Missoula County health specialists are warning people to look out for mold growth in their homes and attic spaces as temperatures rise and snow melts.

Is It Safe to Buy a Home With an Elevated Radon Level?

This odorless gas is deadly serious, but addressing the problem is easy

Dwellings and lead contamination
Last year, the water crisis in Flint, Mich., brought the issue of lead poisoning from water pipes to the front of people's attention.

Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint Force Eviction of Grapevine Recovery Center in Boise
Since 1952, countless men and women have walked through the doors of the Grapevine Club, a support and recovery center in the North End that holds several daily meetings for people in Twelve Step protrams.

Demolition of Chuck's building could start as early as March

Demolition of Chuck's building could start as early as March

2-year-old girl diagnosed with extreme lead poisoning in DC
A two-year-old girl has been diagnosed with one of the worst cases of lead poisoning that’s been seen in the District in decades, according to doctors.

URA: Mold contamination in Manny Hanny
Urban Renewal Agency on Friday reported that mold contaminates the long-vacant structure.

How to prevent mold in your house
As a healthy homes expert, some of the most common questions I am asked have to do with mold inside the home.

Syracuse Land Bank addresses lead in homes, zombie properties in DeWitt
The Greater Syracuse Land Bank recently made its 400th sale after it began selling tax-delinquent properties in 2013.

Madison County offering free radon testing
The Madison County Health Department is encouraging residents to take advantage of a free radon testing service to make sure their homes and families are safe.

$850,000 clean-up bill for asbestos dumped in public park
RATEPAYERS will fork out at least $850,000 following a Kingston council blunder that led to asbestos-ridden soil dumped in a public park.

Charity Hospital $6.3 million clean-out project begins Tuesday
The old Charity Hospital in New Orleans is an iconic building that has sat vacant since Hurricane Katrina

EPA Issues 'Last Call' For Free Asbestos Inspections In Libby, Troy
People living in Libby and Troy have until the end of March to contact the Environmental Protection Agency to have their houses checked for asbestos contamination for free.

School asbestos removal causes worries
The president of the Lawrence Teachers Union wants the entire Bruce School closed while contractors remove as many as 5,000 ceiling tiles containing asbestos

Detecting Radon Gas In Schools And Commercial Buildings
Toxic, odorless, and colorless, radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, according to EPA estimates.

Concerns About Cancer-Causing Asbestos Rise Amid Mass. Renovation Boom
Demolition worker Henry Aguilar stopped short when he saw cracked floor tile glued to the underside of a carpet he was tearing out of an office in downtown Boston.

PA Schools Aren't Required To Test For Lead Or Radon, So Many Pittsburgh-Area Districts Don't
What was supposed to be a routine visit to the pediatrician with little Oren resulted in a finding that sent Katy Rank Lev and her husband, Corey, into a frenzy.

Black mold found at Eisenhower High School
Black mold, known to cause serious health effects such as chronic lung illnesses, has grown behind some of the walls in at least one classroom at Eisenhower High School, school district officials said Monday.

Is Your Roof Gaining Weight This Winter?
Snow accumulation and even heavy rains set the stage for potential roof collapse. Here are four actions to take that will minimize this threat to people and property.

Water Damage Emergencies Structural Drying Mold Removal US Website Launched
National Water Damage, a group of water damage restoration certified professionals, launched a new business website.

Asbestos Losses Continue to Haunt P/C Insurers: A.M. Best
Net ultimate asbestos losses for the U.S. property/casualty industry have risen once again. They’re now at $100 billion, and that’s $15 billion higher than the previous estimate, according to a new A.M. Best report.

Beware of Radon, the uninvited guest in our homes
With cool fall weather upon us, our thoughts turn to closing up the house tight for the winter.

Mark Hague: Lead-cleanup focus turns to paint
Lead can have significant impacts on a child’s health and development and can be frightening to parents and others who strive every day to provide for the safety of the most vulnerable among us.

Environmental Asbestos Raises Mesothelioma Among Women
For decades, mesothelioma has predominately affected white men older than 60 years of age.

Secure and Prepare Your Home, Exterior, and Personal Property
Fierce winter storms can cause havoc. But there is no reason they should completely overturn your life and endanger your well-being.

Find Out if You Have a Radon Problem
Radon is a naturally-occuring radioactive gas, a breakdown product of uranium, which is found in rock and soil everywhere. Since it is colourless and odourless, you cannot know if it's there without testing.

Allegany Co. committee moves toward Tronetti House demolition
Allegany County lawmakers moved Wednesday toward removing valuable woodwork from the former Tronetti House in preparation for demolition.

6 Things Home Sellers Are Legally Required To Disclose
It’s a question that plagues many residential sales: As a seller, what do you — and don’t you — need to tell the buyer about your home?

The Green Scale
In sizing up a prospective house, more and more homebuyers are asking themselves how the property rates on the green scale.

Syracuse called slow, costly and poor performer when bypassed for $3M lead removal grant
Syracuse's application for a $2.9 million federal grant to restart its program to remove lead paint from city homes was rejected because of the program's poor performance, high costs and slow lab testing, according to a city official.

12 Home Repairs That Are Way Too Risky to Put Off
Nobody ever cheers at the thought of tackling home repairs. They’re annoying, costly, time-sucking endeavors.

IG Says Base Housing Is Just As Bad As You Thought
Service members and their families are exposed to health and safety hazards at base housing worldwide that could be alleviated by inspections and better maintenance

County authorizes mold remediation at nutrition kitchen
Essex County lawmakers authorized up to $25,000 for the purchase of a new cooler, and up to $20,000 to remediate mold issues at the senior meal nutrition kitchen.

Poorly installed bath fan vents can cause serious problems
I'm a do-it-yourselfer, and I'm going to remodel a bathroom. I don't like our current exhaust bath fan and am going to install a new one.

Church arson investigation going strong, despite lack of answers
When Clark County Fire Marshal Jon Dunaway thinks about the arsonist —  or arsonists — who damaged three local church buildings this past spring, he is met with mostly questions.

Ask Angie: The cost of filling in an in-ground swimming pool
Dear Angie: We want to get rid of our in-ground pool. What's involved?

Cleanup set to begin at abandoned, asbestos-ridden Barwick Mills site
The cleanup and demolition process at the site of an abandoned, asbestos-ridden mill in North Georgia is expected to begin within a month.

Asbestos work on Oneida County Office Building resumes
On-going asbestos abatement project at Oneida County office building has led to nearly 20 years of shuffling departments and floors.

Black mold takes hold at Brockton Public Library
An outbreak of black mold is costing the Brockton Public Library, and workers have expressed concerns about the health threat posed by the spores

Tab for school mold problem may exceed $383,000
The Vigo County School Corp. is asking for an emergency allocation of $383,964 from the capital projects fund for mold remediation at West Vigo High School.

Is Your Home a Death Trap? What You Need to Know About Radon in Your Home
Real estate is all about location, location, location – and in more ways than one.

East Pennsboro Area High School to reopen Wednesday after mold remediation
CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. – Students at East Pennsboro Area High School will be back in class on Wednesday.

Garden: Should I apply one last lawn fertilizer treatment in the fall?
Questions and answers to the Fall check list for your yard

First day at Syracuse's Bellevue Elementary School pushed back after water pipe burst
The first day of school at Bellevue Elementary in Syracuse will have to wait -- until water damage is fixed.

Denied funding for lead paint removal endangers Syracuse community
On the windows and doors of older homes lurks a substance that can lead to intellectual disabilities, comas and death in high enough concentrations: lead.

Industrial waste site in Camillus eyed for inland cargo port
CSX railroad tracks near Airport Road in Camillus lead to an industrial waste bed that is being eyed for a proposed inland cargo port.

Jordan-Elbridge school district declares environmental 'emergency'
The Jordan-Elbridge School Board will spend $500,000 to clean up lead, asbestos and radon at three schools including Ramsdell Middle School.

Former DEC project manager pleads guilty to running contractor fraud scheme
A former Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) project manager pleaded guilty today to charges that he operated an elaborate contractor fraud scheme.

Strengthening a culture of prevention to mitigate asbestos exposure
107,000 workers around the world will die every year of an asbestos-related disease and 125 million people across the world will be exposed to asbestos in the workplace

Substance found in Jefferson Hospital's ER being tested for mold
A small portion of Jefferson Hospital’s emergency room was closed off as scientists begin testing a substance found in the wall of the hospital.

How to resolve 5 common waterproofing issues in commercial buildings
Correct waterproofing is an important part of this promise given the damage that leaky walls and roofs can cause to the occupant’s business.

Mold-Infested Prisons Sicken Guards & Prisoners
New York’s Rikers Island jail, Candie Hailey was locked in a solitary confinement cell ventilated by a mold-covered air duct. 

State’s New Mold Law Viewed as ‘A Little Crazy’

If you find that you have mold in your home and want it removed, you may be in for a surprise by the set of procedures.

Tucker Printers of Henrietta Fined Over Waste Disposal
The company had been dumping industrial waste into its septic system for years

Worker Health Complaints Prompt Mold Study At City Hall
What appears to be mold is visible in several parts of the Searles Building that houses the City Hall offices

Asbestos Stirs Concern Over Construction Plans
Removal of the cancer-causing material wasn’t included in initial plans for the school system’s revitalization

Poisoned by lead: Portraits that will haunt Flint parents
The parents of Flint, Mich., are the most recent and visible initiates into the world of lead poisoning, a lifelong and life-changing diagnosis.

PCBs in Caulk
EPA has learned that caulk containing potentially harmful polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was used in many buildings, including schools

Take Caution When Bats Are Near
Several highly fatal diseases have been linked to bats.

5 Ways to Show Support During Asbestos Awareness Week
Late last week, the Senate passed Resolution 125 to designate the first week of April as National Asbestos Awareness Week.

Abrasive Blasting for Mold Remediation
As more is understood about the health issues related to mold growth in interior environments, new methods for mold assessment and remediation are being put into practice.

Many schools aren't tested for radon
Radon, an invisible killer, has gone undetected in more than half of New York's school buildings

Mom Couldn’t Figure Out Cause of Mystery Illness
One Georgia mother was shocked when she recently discovered the cause of her 4-year-old daughter’s mysterious illnesses that had been plaguing her for several months

Pet Odors Can Kill a Home Sale
Your beloved pets may provide a great deal of companionship and comfort, but they also bring along smells that home buyers are not going to find appealing.

How to Protect Your Family From Radon When Buying a Newly Built Home
If you are buying a home or selling your home, have it tested for radon.

Environmental Hazards on the Mind of Home Buyers
Homebuyers are increasingly considering environmental hazards that may exist on or near a property

Environmental Hazards: Know the Neighborhood
Today’s ultra health-conscious consumers want the assurance of safety and purity in the products they buy.

Avon property developer pleads guilty to exposing workers to asbestos
An Avon man pled guilty to violating the Clean Air Act asbestos work practice standards on Wednesday.

Radon is an unseen danger
Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, only behind tobacco smoke

Syracuse Study: Indoor Air Quality Impacts Work Production
Better indoor air quality can have a significant impact on production at work.

Schumer pushes for funds to combat lead poisoning
To help combat the Rochester region's lead paint problem, Senator Schumer has proposed a federal tax credit to offset the cost of cleaning the toxin out of people's homes.

Fixing Dirt Crawlspaces: Liners or Poured Concrete
Over 25 million homes in the U.S. are built over exposed dirt crawlspaces.

5 things you should do and 1 thing you should NOT do if your pipes freeze
Leaving a faucet open during freezing cold weather can help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting -- which can lead to expensive home damage.

Lead Paint, Lead Toys, Lead Dietary Supplements
The lead pipes in Flint, Michigan, are a tiny part of a huge problem.

4th Patient Infected During Mold Outbreak at Hospital Dies
A fourth transplant patient who contracted a fungal infection during a mold outbreak at a western Pennsylvania hospital has died, officials said Sunday.

Sensible Guide for Healthier School Renovations
This booklet provides school administrators, facility managers, staff and the school community with an overview of how to avoid key environmental health hazards.

BBB's Top 10 Scams for 2015
What was the number one scam reported to BBB's Scam Tracker in 2015? It was tax scams. Click on the photo to learn more about the others.

Acting Labor Commissioner Reminds NY of New Department of Labor Mold Program
New Law Governing Licensing and Training Goes Into Effect January 1st
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