Lead inspectors performing a lead test.


Paint being tested for lead from windows in an older home.

What is Lead Testing?

  • Before you start renovations or impact building materials, it may be in your interest to test for materials that could be contaminated by lead.
  • If you have started work and feel you may have interrupted areas that may be contaminated by lead, it would be wise to stop and vacate the area. Testing can immediately commence to see if lead is present.
  • We can test for lead with chip, dust, wipe, soil, water, and XRF sampling methods.
  • Lead Testing is regulated by the NYS Department of Health, OSHA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, HUD, and the NYS Department of Labor – Title X.
  • City, town or village code enforcement will require lead testing prior to demolition or renovation
Lead inspector demonstrating how to test for lead.

How do you Test for Lead?

  • Our licensed lead assessor will use clean sampling tools appropriate foreach kind of material.
  • We will adequately collect the appropriate volume of material to be tested
  • The lead sample will be placed in an airtight container labeled appropriately.
  • Our certified lead inspector will record the lead testing location, lead sample description, date, and the time that the chain of custody took place.
Testing for lead water in an older home.

What is the Average Cost of Lead Testing?

  • An initial lead paint visual inspection in Syracuse, NY will cost between $250.00 to $400.00.
  • You can expect to pay between $600.00 to $1,200.00 for a lead paint XRF Survey and Risk Assessment by a professional lead testing company in Syracuse, NY.
  • For a full lead paint building survey in Syracuse, NY you can expect to pay in the average of $600.00 to $1,200.00.
  • An average cost on lead paint TCLP testing ranges between $200 to $300 in Syracuse, NY.
  • In Syracuse, NY you can expect to pay to pay between $30 to $60 per lead paint chip sample.
  • The average cost per sample for lead paint swab testing is $30 to $60 in Syracuse, NY
Performing lead inspection in a commercial building.

Key Components of Professional Lead Testing in Syracuse, NY

  • Be prepared, know what you are going to impact now and at any point in the near future, this way we can perform lead testing throughout the building during one visit.
  • Have the area to be tested for lead clear and accessible for our certified lead inspector.
  • Make our certified lead assessor aware of any unique or hidden features of the building that might not be typical so we can investigate further.
  • Consider how fast you want your professional lead test results. Standard lead test results are usually within five (5) business days. We can expedite your test results to as fast as (12-24) hours for an additional cost.

Comprehensive Information Regarding Lead Testing in Syracuse, NY

What is Lead?

Lead is a highly poisonous element found in smaller amounts in the crust of the earth. Lead has many beneficial uses. However, it has been proven to be extremely harmful to humans and animals. Lead is found in our environment. Air, soil, and water are areas where the existence of lead is plentiful. Of course, our home can also be a place where lead is found. Lead was commonly used in many products before research proved how toxic this element could be. Many homes built before 1978 notoriously utilized lead paint on the interior and exterior of the dwelling. Industry also had levels of lead use that would prove to be toxic to workers and trickle down into product placement as well.

Health Hazards & Risks

Lead exposure is highly detrimental to all organs of the body and primary human functions. The level of exposure can dictate symptomatic responses to varying levels.

The most noted lead induced health effects are:

  • Fatigue / Irritability
  • Impaired concentration
  • Hearing loss
  • Wrist / Foot Drop
  • Seizures
  • Encephalopathy
  • Miscarriages / Stillbirths
  • Reduced sperm count & motility

Lead Inspection

Lead inspections are thorough investigations that determine if there is lead based paint within a home or building. Generally, the testing is determined in a surface by surface style of inspection. Outside of the determination if there is a presence of lead, it will also identify where lead is located within a dwelling. Child occupied buildings or facilities are a place where testing is crucial. Lead Paint testing can be required or warranted when a home or building is being renovated, purchased, or rented.

Lead Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments take place on site and thoroughly investigate several different variables. A risk assessment determines if there is a presence of lead, location, type of lead, and how severe the issue is. Risk assessments are comprehensive in scope and can also be used to measure hazards in dust, soil, and paint. A Lead Risk Assessor can offer solutions in how to control and address the issues. Certainly, a development of a plan to fix the problem is key after an investigation of this magnitude.

Lead Paint Risk Assessments and Lead Paint Building Surveys Syracuse NY

Lead Risk Assessments and lead Building Surveys are a Syracuse Environmental & Construction Group expertise. We have experience in the lead field that spans over two decades. We have performed hundreds of Lead Risk Assessments. Our detailed approach to lead sampling and lead testing creates a successful approach for the building owner and design of a potential lead abatement project. Our EPA NLLAP accredited Lead Lab certifies all sampling taken adhere to local, state and federal regulations. Our certified Lead Inspectors take the time to understand your project and budget to help create a detailed risk assessment or building survey that works best for you.

Lead Paint Inspection Syracuse NY

SECG provides visual inspections and building surveys in according with strict professional standards. Licensed inspectors are trained to identify suspect Lead Containing Materials that may be present in your building or plant. Inspections and surveys are performed covering industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential properties. They provide a visual inspection, thorough assessments of the area in questions, and provide advice on handling any suspected Lead Containing Materials detected. Building surveys involve representative samples of building components and laboratory analysis of all suspect materials. Survey results are detailed in a formal report that includes a written assessment and the results of all analyses performed.

Lead Paint Project Design Syracuse NY

Already have a project in the works? Let our expert and certified Lead Project Designer’s create site specific variances and design a lead abatement work plan. Preparation of comprehensive plans provides the contractor with guidelines for abatement/remediation of hazardous material(s) that comply with all Federal, State and Local rules and regulations. SECG also performs lead submittal reviews and abatement contract reviews for our consulting clients. We will work directly with insurance adjusters on lead abatement claim management and asbestos job scope audits. If your project needs advanced preparation, you have found the ultimate resource for all of your lead needs.

Lead Testing Laboratory in Syracuse, NY-EPA NLLAP Accredited - Flame AA

  • Lead Chip Sampling
  • Lead Dust Sampling
  • Lead Wipe Sampling
  • Lead Soil Sampling
  • Lead XRF Sampling
  • Lead Water Testing

Types of Lead Testing We Perform

  • Lead Inspection
  • Lead Risk Assessment
  • Lead Building Surveys
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